You don’t have to lie to kick it. ;)

Thankfully I have worked with some great people in the past few years.  If it were not for them I think I would have lost all faith in this industry I have been working in.  I know, I have tried to stay positive and I really want to not go on rants and not call people out, but I am so sick of so many people!

Why do people flat-out lie about the work they have done?  A photographer recently said he shot like 17,000 weddings in the past 15 years, then he backtracked and said his studio shot that many, then he said he had photographed 3500 himself.  But then he said some number like 129 a year or whatever. But (as The Average Mrs. pointed out) that still doesn’t add up to anywhere near 3500!  But he is not the only one.  This has become a standard in the photography and modeling industry to just lie about your accomplishments, lie about your height and weight and what magazines you’ve been in.

I’ve been around for 20 years and still have nowhere near the “accomplishments” that some of these people claim.  I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, not thousands, I can only do so many a year.  I think my first year shooting weddings I (maybe) photographed 2.  It takes time to build a portfolio and it takes time to get good enough to where people want to hire you.  But I could just take the year I shot 43 weddings, multiply that by 20 and now I can say I’ve shot 860…. wait, that still isn’t 3500?  What am I doing wrong?  Oh, I’m being honest.

Sarcasm aside, I want to move on.  I want to just create images I can be proud of without the drama of the rest of this industry crushing down upon me.  I love photography, I love art.  Honestly, I hate money.  I really do not care how much or how little I make.  I just want to have the ability to create what is in my head.  No limitations, no creative directors, just me and my ideas.  I probably could not tell you how much money I have made over the years as a photographer, mostly because I don’t keep track.  Some years were in the 6 figures, most weren’t.

I didn’t get into photography to get rich, I got into it because I had to.  There was a drive inside of me pushing me forward and putting the camera in my hands even when I didn’t think it was what I wanted to do.  This is what happens when it is a passion and not something you must do to be cool.  If I have any coolness in me it is not because I am a photographer, maybe I’m cool because I don’t have to lie to make friends? 😉

Roarie by The Average Jim