The Average Beach Day

I want to spend more time at the beach this year.  Usually summer is the time of year when I hate going to the beach.  I will shoot there in the spring, fall or winter, but summertime just gets so crowded!  But this year I am determined to spend more time at the beach shooting.  I like it too much not to.  I really am a beach bum at heart.

The thing that bothers me the most about the crowds at the beach is the absolute stupidity of some people.   Some call it ignorance but I just call it stupidity.  I watch them bring glass bottles to the beach, break them and then proceed to step on the glass, bleed all over and of course never pick up their dog’s poop or their kid’s dirty diapers.  Yeah, its gross, it is not ignorance, it is a lack of caring and honestly just stupid.

But I shouldn’t be so negative.  There are some good people out there who actually pick up their trash and the trash of others they find.  Some of us do try to respect other people who also like to use our public beaches.  I just wish there were more people with this attitude.  I just cringe when I see people with young children teaching them how it is okay to just trash the beach, so I know the cycle of stupidity will continue.  It really is like watching the movie “Idiocracy” in real life.  Soon the beach will just be the “giant trash pile.”

Yes, people can bug me.  Just like the idiot at the intersection today who didn’t understand that he could still turn left even though there was no green arrow.  And of course as soon as he got the green arrow he was too busy fixing his stupid hat and looking at himself in the mirror to step on the gas.  I really came close to just pushing him through the intersection…. but instead I figured that is why they make horns… and middle fingers.

This is why I like the beach the rest of the year.  It is peaceful, it is relaxing and there are no tourists or part-time beach goers to worry about.  Just the waves, the sand, and maybe a model or two in front of my lens. That is the way I like my life.  It’s not too much to ask is it?

Monique by The Average Jim