No Agenda

I am notorious for taking time off to center myself.  There was a time in the 90’s when I took very few photography jobs simply because I just didn’t like where my work was going.  Lately I have been doing the same thing.  Working more on other projects, remodeling my playground aka studio and just getting my mind where I feel it needs to be to continue to create.

I think I am using this remodeling to get away from shooting the same old stuff I have been shooting.  Sure, I really do like lifestyle work, but there is something I just love about hanging out and shooting to create images that are just moody and tell a story.  I really don’t like to have to “sell” something when I shoot, I want to show a mood, a feeling, a moment.

This is where I am headed again.  Yes I know I will continue to shoot lifestyle and fashion for certain clients, but I really want to get back to basics.  Just me, a model and a camera.  No agenda, no rules, no limitations.  Just taking the time to create whatever it is I want to create.

Julia by The Average Jim