The Average Artist?

I am starting to think that some people have no clue what art is.  Honestly, I’m not one to judge anything that would be considered art, I have a very skewed view of what I consider art and there are many who would disagree with the things I would consider art.  But I think we can all agree that just because you photograph a female body in the nude that does not make it art.

I have shot a lot of nudes over the years.  A lot of those photographs should not be considered art!  Granted, some really should be considered art, I do get lucky every now and then.  But honestly, and lets all be honest, glorified T&A is not art.  Just because you put an 18-year-old girl in a field wearing nothing but her birthday suit does not make you an artist.  The intention, the craft, the finished product, that is what makes you an artist.

There are times I wish I could call myself an artist, but I’m not one.  Like I mentioned above, I do have my moments, but for the most part I just take pretty pictures.  Some may call it art, some may call it glamour, some may call it fashion, I just call it my photography.  I really don’t know what else to say about it.  Is it art?  Who knows and who cares.  I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until I don’t want to do it anymore!  Maybe that is what makes me an artist?  Not the work I produce, but the fact that I am producing work that is from the heart and I am doing my best to show the world the visions in my head.

Either way, I’m not sure if I’m an artist, for now I’m just a photographer who likes to make pretty pictures.  Maybe someday someone will call it art, but it is okay if they don’t, I’ll still be here, making pretty pictures for all of the world to see….. if they ever find this blog…… 😉

Emily by The Average Jim