The Average Freedom

Freedom in my photography is something I love.  I have made it a point to really seek out what I want to shoot.  Sometimes the ideas just pop up out of nowhere, sometimes it is an idea that I have wanted to shoot for a long time.  Since I do shoot mostly people, there are times when I have ideas that just will not work with the person I thought they might work with.  And then there are times when someone comes in and everything is unexpected and it just blows you away.

Sure, I do get funny looks from people when they hear that I shoot nudes of women, women in lingerie and other “sexy” types of images.  I can tell the first thing they think of is that I must be some sort of deviant or pervert.  So what if I was?  Does my sitting across the table from you change who you are?  What if I’m not?  It doesn’t change who I am if I am sitting across the table from some judgmental prick.

I take pictures.  Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal!  I know some very stable people who shoot porn, but I get funny looks because I hand a business card over to someone which has a woman in lingerie on it.  Those cards were for a gallery show I did last year by the way.  I have some leftover so they are my current business card.  It’s just a picture.

I really don’t understand the conservative nature of this country.  I don’t freak out if I see a penis on tumblr, or if I see a vagina on Model Mayhem, or if I see both in the same shot.  They are just body parts, as long as you respect your body and the bodies of other people all is well.  I have seen more demeaning photos of fully clothed people than you might believe.  Just last night I was watching the news and they were doing a story on women’s lingerie football….. so women can’t play football unless they play it in lingerie?  And the news runs a story on this topic, nobody seems to care that it is not about the sport at all, it is about women being sex objects.

Sure, I post photos of women in lingerie. What is the difference you ask?  Honestly, I want to create a beautiful image, sure I want it to have sex appeal, but I don’t wish for it to be sexual without reason.  What is the reason for the sexiness of lingerie football?  To get guys to want to watch it.  To get guys to lust after the women playing the game.  The reason I shoot what I shoot is to create the image and I honestly have no intention of getting guys to want to lust after the models I post photos of.

Does it happen?  Yes, some men are attracted to the women in my photos.  Some men are attracted to the hostess at the chain restaurant they take their family to every Friday night.  You cannot help that, it just happens.

Basically there are some people who say there is no difference.  I say the difference is in the intention behind the image.  I can only control what I do and what I think.  But if you think I’m a pervert for what I shoot, I say take a good long look in the mirror before you judge me.  And even then, keep your mouth shut, because I am what I am, and I happen to be pretty damn proud of who I am.

Kaley and Pariss by The Average Jim