The Nonsensical Ramblings of The Average Jim

Originality and creativity are two things that are seriously lacking in the photography industry.  I am 100% guilty of this myself, so I may be pointing fingers, but I’m pointing them at myself too.

Sure, I do have my original and creative moments, but I succumb to my “go-to” poses a lot.  I know what my problem is, I have the ideas, but I am often too lazy to actually search for the right model for the right shoot.  Many times I just take the first one with a good look who is interested.  A lot of the time they don’t end up on this site!  Not because they didn’t do their job, but simply because I didn’t do mine.  It is my responsibility to make sure the photo comes out right.  The whole reason the photographer sits on top of the totem pole is because all the responsibility falls on our shoulders.

Of course, I do like what I do and the images I show.  Sure, some are not the most original but they still fall into my style and are images I just like.  I show what I like and what I want to shoot more of.  I have been revisiting some old ideas lately and have decided to finally start shooting them.  So I’m burned out on the regular work, I need to bring that life back into my work and keep pushing myself to shoot what I love.

I had a dream the other night, very inspiring and it definitely made me want to work harder and just work better.  I want to push my own abilities and see what I can really do.  When you stop learning you stop living.  I really need to learn more about photography and more about my own work and my own ideas.  No rest for the wicked right?

Yes, I will have shoots that are similar to what my portfolio is now, it’s my work, of course it looks like that!  But I want to and need to expand the ideas in my head.  I need to take an idea and then think about it and then take it to the next level.

Maybe I’m just thinking out loud in blog form here.  I don’t know.  I just know that I see so much of the same shit out there and there are many who I know shoot very similar things that I do.  Some have honestly told me they use my work as “inspiration” aka shooting just like me.  So maybe I need to up my game and start shooting things that people just don’t know how to shoot?  Or at least most people.

But this is the web and there will always be someone of no value getting more attention than the quality photographers.  And there will also be those who always lie about their credentials and how they “never shoot trade”.  I know people like this, I wish I could just call them on their bullshit in front of all of their “fans”.

I have no idea where this rant is going, it’s not really a rant, it is more of a written out thought of how I go through the ideas in my head.  Yes, this is how I think, these are my everyday thoughts.  Nonsensical ramblings of The Average Jim.  Welcome to my world, now you see why I take pictures, I talk way too much to be a doctor! If I were a doctor my patients would all be dead!

So instead of “offing” my clients, I just shoot them. 😉

Jillian by The Average Jim