The Average Insight

I have not been shooting that much lately of my own personal work.  I am also getting away from the regular work as well.  I probably should not say this out loud or in print, but I am tired of certain people.  And it doesn’t matter who, every year there is a new batch of models and they always fit into a certain category.  Oh, and photographers, MUA’s and every other “professional” has these types of categories too.

There is the professional, these are rare and hard to find.  The true professional is always professional and always considers everyone who worked hard to get them where they are now.  They don’t forget you.  There is the Pro, not professional.  They have a good career, you may have helped them along the way but they will forget you, possibly string you along and definitely use you any chance they get to help their career, but seldom will they make the effort to do the same for you.  Then there is the “Star”, this person knows they are going to make it, they tell you about all of their contacts and name drop like crazy.  And they have the “best agent ever”.  Then there are some people who just do this because it is a fun side gig and they like having cool photos of themselves, they usually have the least amount of drama.

There are some others too, but those are the biggest categories.  I should have mentioned the liars, the cheaters, the ones who just want attention and will do anything to get it from you.  Yes, I am off the deep end these days and I don’t feel like coming back in from it!

I have a certain sense of clarity right now, or at least it feels that way.  I can see the bullshit before it ever comes in, sometimes I will shoot with someone who I know is full of it just to see if I’m right.  Yep, I was just proven right again recently.  Amazing how it works.

Honestly, this little post will not change a thing!  These people will still exist and as long as I want to keep shooting I will have to deal with at least a few more of these personalities along the way to the end of my career.  So I have chosen not to care.  I don’t care if you’re full of shit, I don’t care if you like to lie to get attention.  Just don’t bring me in on it.  I live my mellow life in my sleepy little surf town, I want to keep it that way.  Keep your drama in LA, or wherever you are.  Talk shit to those who care or to those who will be pretending to listen because they think you may be able to help their career.

So from now on, I really want to try to only work with people who want to model for me who just want pretty pictures of themselves.  No drama, no ego, just images we can all be proud of.  I’m not asking for much, just a little mutual respect.  That is my insight for the day.

Sydney by The Average Jim