I’m like a kid sometimes.  I get all excited about getting my film back from the lab.  It’s still out, it should be back soon, I just can’t wait!  I think this is why I try to shoot some digital images on the same sets, just so I can have some of that instant gratification!

This summer I am going to embark on something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and have been talking about for a long time.  I am shooting more film, more art, more nudes.  I know I have always shown some nudity, or “implied” nudity on this site.  But I have a couple of projects in mind that I have really wanted to shoot, and for one reason or another, I feel now is the time.

People, and other photographers, have asked me why I spend money on professional labs when I could have the film processed for much less elsewhere.  Honestly, I shoot black and white film, not everyone can develop that these days.  I also shoot some different types of film that only one or two people have the chemicals for developing.  I also shoot nudes, and not everyone will give you back your negatives!  Plus, there are some who will make copies for themselves!

Basically, I use professionals simply because it is worth it in the long run!  Maybe nobody has ever messed up your film, but the one time it happens, you will understand why you should use the pros!

Happy Thursday!  Here is another one of Roarie from last week’s shoot. 🙂

Roarie by The Average Jim