The Good Days

Lately I have been wanting to explore more with film, fine art, fashion, and really just anything that comes to my mind.  It is almost as if I would just rather shoot what I see in my mind rather than be hired to shoot what someone else wants me to shoot.  I am loosing interest in “regular” work.  Okay, well I do have certain clients who hire me and just give me the green light to shoot what I want and totally trust my vision.  I don’t consider these people to be “regular” work.  They are the exception.

This past week I got to work with Roarie again.  We met over a year ago and created some of my favorite images at our first session, this was our second session, and it was not a disappointment by any means!  I love working with people who are up for anything.  When you work with a good model you know it.  The images they are posing for are not about them.  A good model works with you to help you create a great image.  There is no personal agenda, there is never this feeling like they are just doing it for the paycheck or to expand their portfolio with shots they want.  It is about being in the moment and the rush comes from nailing the shot.

These are the days I love being a photographer.  It is all about the image.  One goal, one team, all with the same result in mind.  These are the type of people I want to work with and I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with so many great people over the years.  I truly hope I can continue to meet wonderful people like Roarie for the rest of my career.

Roarie by The Average Jim