Live Today

I’m in a strange mood these days.  There are many different ideas running through my head and it seems that acting on the spur of the moment tends to work in my benefit.  I thought I had some ideas planned out for a fashion lifestyle shoot this past Saturday, but it did not go as planned.  I changed my mind at the last-minute and went with a gut feeling and it came out so much better!

I really do not believe in forcing things to happen.  If it feels too much like work and a wasted effort then it just is not worth doing.  Just move on to the next idea and don’t waste your time.  This is how I have been living for many years, and people try to tell me to get away from this way of doing things but I really must disagree with them.  They tell me to plan for the future, learn from your mistakes, history repeats itself and all this cliché crap.  Honestly, all of that is just bullshit.

So many people live for what the future may hold, work hard and you can be happy “one day”.  How far away is that day?  Honestly, I want to be happy now.  Don’t live in the past, let the past be the past.  Who cares what went wrong yesterday, today is a new day.  Today is the greatest thing ever!  It is happening right now, this very second!

Your life is happening right before your eyes, why would you want to miss it?  Live now, not tomorrow, not next year, but now.  I may not have a clue as to what I am doing a couple of days or years from now, but I do know that today is currently amazing and wonderful.  As for tomorrow?  As long as I wake up and am alive, I’ll take that as a good start to a new today!

Brittany by The Average Jim