This has actually been a really good week!  I’ve been working on the studio or as I like to call it “The Average Jim’s Playground”, and so far I am liking what is going to be happening here.  Lots of major changes will be happening over the next 9-10 months.  New sets, I’m thinking of adding a swing, and it is going to just be a place where I get to create the things I see in my mind.

I have also been working on music more lately, got some cool things in the mix there too.  Part of me wants to go rogue and record my music only on vinyl and shoot all of my photography work on film.  Not to be a purist or anything, but just to get back to a slower pace of things and spend my time working with people rather than trying to shuffle them in and out so quickly.

The hardest thing about digital technology is it is so easy to forget to put your soul into your work.  Without a piece of you in the work it really is just a snapshot, if that.  Honestly, I hate some of the new music that is out there today.  Producers sit behind a computer and add beats, add everything, and if I just speak freely, it is all starting to sound the same.  This isn’t the first time in the music industry that this has happened.  We need another band like The Beatles, or Nirvana or Sex Pistols to really get music back on track.  The photography industry isn’t that far off this road to blah either.

Like I have said before.  I don’t care about film vs. digital or RAW vs. jpeg.  These are arguments for idiots.  If you are one of those people who argue that one is better than the other, go away now, you are a dumbass and don’t deserve to be a part of this conversation.  Why?  Simple, you refuse to have an open mind and insist one piece of technology is better than the other when that has absolutely nothing to do with creating a wonderful image.

Okay, back on track.  Something is missing, whether it is the brash personality of Helmut Newton or the style of Richard Avedon.  Herb Ritts was just amazing at what he did and people (supermodels) would make the journey to his place in Arizona to shoot with him.  Now people don’t want to drive an hour from where they live to work with someone amazing!

It has turned into a path of anyone can be a photographer, anyone can model, anyone can sing.  But not everyone has talent.  Just because you can get away with some people thinking you are good, or just because you figured out some stuff does not mean you have talent.  Talent is recognizable.  And you know it when you see it in others, you may not say it all the time, but it is that little voice of envy in you that makes you wish you had done that first.  That is when you know someone else is talented.  The trick is to get people to envy you. 😉

Here is one more film shot of my shoot with Jessica almost two years ago.

Jessica by The Average Jim