The Art of Vibe

I have often talked about “LA Fashion” and how it differs from that of other fashion capitols around the world.  I love New York style, Paris style, Miami style, but there is something about LA that I just love.  It is all about lifestyle and attitude.  The mood you create is the mood you live.  There are elite snobs and everyday people wearing the same ratty jeans in LA.  It really is all about the presentation.  You are selling a way of life in LA, not a dream, an actuality.

I think this is why I love it out here.  As long as you have a style you can be fashionable in a certain circle.  Cool is cool and nerdy can be cool too.  Anything goes out here, seriously, anything!

This is my new mindset.  I’m just going wherever the path leads me.  I might be shooting lifestyle one day and super edgy fashion the next.  I might even dabble in some other styles along the way from fine art to fetish.  Who knows.  The road is ever changing and I am along for the ride.  No rules, no regulations.  I just love the creative process and the art of vibe.  What is the “art of vibe” you may ask?  The best way I can describe it is that you know it when you see it. 😉

Codi by The Average Jim