Don’t Drink The Kool Aid ;)

I have really been trying to stay positive for 2013.  Less ranting and I really don’t want to be negative but sometimes people make it really difficult on me.  First, if last year’s budget was $6500.00, don’t expect the same thing this year for $1000.00!  Don’t ask me for free advice so you can teach your intern to do what you normally pay me for.  They probably won’t do it right anyway.  And finally, stop drinking the Kool Aid!

I’m looking at my Instagram feed and it is full of people believing yet one more lie from a certain person who is great at selling crap to photographers.  They pat you on the back because you buy their product! Stop buying it, tell them you’re not going to buy it and the back patting and ass kissing will probably stop.  But be honest with yourself, do you really care about the product or do you really enjoy the ass kissing?

But to stay positive I will be staying away from certain conventions and seminars.  I’m making my own Kool Aid and staying home!  I am putting my efforts into shooting personal projects, booking more client work, and just enjoying working with the great people I get to work with every week.

It seems that no matter how many workshops or seminars people go to they forget one very important thing.  Or maybe several important things.  These seminars don’t teach you how to bid your work.  They say you need to be in a certain price range, but what does that really cover?  Do you know how to figure in security, when and where you will need it?  Do you know how to re-route traffic in case you have to for a shoot?  What permits will you need to pull for this shoot?  Oh, you’re shooting a celebrity and so you’re just going to do what you do….. did anyone mention that you only have 15 minutes to shoot the entire editorial?  So how are you going to pull that off?

Honestly, I’m ranting again, I know this.  But I get so sick of watching photographers I know get sucked into this void of dreamy-eyed bliss and false promises.  You will never get ahead by following someone else’s lead.  Think about that.  If you are following you are not leading.

But I’ll stay positive and just do my thing.  I don’t care if it is a portrait session or a high dollar commercial shoot, they get my full attention and the best work I can possibly deliver.  Sometimes I do get lucky and they hire me for “what I do” which is always the best feeling. Total freedom and control over a shoot.  Those are the best days, I’m not going to lie, I love it when people just take away all restraint and give me the green light.  I’m really pushing for more of that this year.  Everything else, I’ll figure it out.  After all, I have all of this free time on my hands now that I’m not going to any conventions. 😉

Here are a couple from a shoot a few years ago with Lauren.  Nothing like a little boudoir/glamour to help you relax.

Lauren by The Average Jim

Lauren by The Average Jim