West Coast Jim ;)

It has been a crazy year already.  I swore I was done with certain types of work but I think I am just done with certain people.  Recently I had a photo shoot with one of my favorite clients, Nick and Mo clothing.  I have shot 3 lookbooks for them now and I just love working with them!  The entire staff is just great to work with!

When I have clients like this it really makes me want to get back into full swing in the LA scene.  I would love to shoot in other parts of the world, but I most definitely have a west coast vibe about my work.  It makes sense, I kind of am a dirty hippie, with a slightly better sense of fashion.

So the point I am getting at is that maybe I was wrong to totally leave for a while.  I just really need to pick and choose my jobs a little better.  And honestly, I am too nice, but I like being nice.  I can only be the me I am, so that is exactly what I am going to do.  Now lets see where it takes me. 😉

Here is one of my favorites from the Nick and Mo shoot.

Kaley and Lauren for Nick and Mo by The Average Jim