I love my playground.

I love my studio.  Honestly, it is the one place where I feel at home.  I keep changing it around, building new sets, even if it is just a table cloth hanging on some 2×4’s.  There is something about “The Average Jim’s Playground” that I just love.

This is my space to get creative and to try new things.  This is where the inspiration happens and where I hang all of those Polaroids on the wall.  It is my hole in the wall away from the rest of society, any very few are allowed behind the curtain.  No really, I have an actual curtain!

I am my own wizard to my Oz.  Wow, now I really do sound like a rambling old crazy man.

For now I am enjoying the moment, but I know that very soon there will be a new addition to my playground, what it is, well, when it arrives, you all will be the first to know!

Here is one of Parris in front of a table cloth. 😉

Parris by The Average Jim