Respect, is it lost?

This world of photography is going seriously down hill.  Magazines used to want to show the best possible work so they could sell their ad space at a premium.  Art galleries wanted true fine art and photographers who had vision.  Today it seems that the lowest bidder does in fact get the job.  Magazine covers are being shot with point and shoots, professional photographers are giving away their secrets for free.  I’ve given info out for free, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve never given up all of my secrets and never plan to!

Supermodels used to grace the covers of fashion magazines, now it is whichever celebrity is currently in the spotlight or out of rehab.  What happened?  This is definitely the reality TV generation.  Photographers are simply not essential in today’s digital society.  I just found some of the images I post on this site on someone’s Facebook page.  No credit, no nothing.  I don’t matter, they just steal the images and post them for others to see without even a word about me.  The photos just happened I guess, they must have just “took” themselves.

For some reason people feel that it is okay to steal anything online.  Nobody wants to buy music anymore, photographers are a huge violator of copyright yet the first to complain about it.  Do you pay for the music you play on your wedding or portrait site?  Most don’t.   Yet if I made a video of my music with a whole bunch of photographer’s images (the ones who use copyrighted music) I bet I’d get a few nasty emails.

It is all about respect.  It is all but gone.  Sure, a few people have it but for the most part it is vanishing in today’s culture.  It is all about the individual today, how many “likes” or “fans” do you have on your site.  How many followers can you get, and all of that crap.  It used to be, do good work and the cream will rise to the top.  Those days are gone.  But I’m still going to play my own game for a while longer.  Just do the best I can, treat people right and not kiss any ass along the way.  I still believe in respect, I still believe in dignity.  Okay, I believe in dignity just don’t practice it enough.

Overall, just try to be cool to each other.  And stop stealing shit from other people.  It’s just rude. 😉

Kaley by The Average Jim