Casual Lounging

I had a really great time working with Jillian yesterday.  We came up with some ideas based on the wardrobe she brought over to my studio and just kind of ran with it.   I really like shooting like this.  We talked before she came in of course, and we had kind of a game plan, but we then just sort of went for it.  Like I have said many times before, it’s all about style.  She threw on some lingerie bottoms and her boyfriend’s flannel and it was just the perfect combination.

To me, this is my ideal type of shoot.  She knows what my work looks like, I know what she is wanting to accomplish and then we just make it happen.  It is all about being prepared for the shoot and (on my end at least) knowing what the shots should look like in the end.

Being a photographer isn’t just about taking a whole bunch of photos and hoping to get something good you can edit later and make work.  It is about knowing the shot you want before you even pick up the camera.  Sure, sometimes you do get a shot that was not expected, but other times you can pretty much put your subject in the right spot and get them in the right position without them even knowing that you are doing so.  This way it is a comfortable, natural moment that you just kind of guided along.

Oh well, it works for me.  I guess we all have our own styles.  I personally like that feeling of casual lounging and relaxing.  Why not document it right? 😉

Jillian by The Average Jim