The Average Inspiration ;)

Okay, I have been trying to stay positive and not seem so jaded.  I am no longer doing much of any work in the fashion or glamour industry and I do very limited testing with models these days.  Why?  Simply because I am tired of being around the frauds in the industry.  People who are just trying to fake their way through life.  Other photographers who just flat-out rip you off of your ideas.  And I don’t mean shooting something a little similar, I mean straight up shooting the exact same shot with the exact same model.

I had an interesting conversation with another (well established) fashion photographer last night.  It was so nice to speak with someone who just got it.  It was also nice to see someone else get pissed off when I showed him the shot I took and then another shot that this other photographer took of the same model.  Now I don’t go around showing this to everyone to show what a prick this other person is, I honestly asked him if I was looking into this too much.  He told me I should sue the guy.

Honestly, I have waited to long to file a law suit, but I have learned that I will not be so nice in the future.  Especially now that I am focusing on work which will have much more direction from me and will definitely be more of my own creation.  What gets me is that there are so many sources of inspiration out there.  Why do some people have to blatantly copy someone else?

What sparked this little rant today was when I saw yet another photographer shoot the same model the same way again, but this time he was ripping off the guy who ripped off me.  And he did it worse than both of us!  Shit really does roll down hill doesn’t it?  But if you steal from a thief is it really wrong?

I don’t blame the model for posing a certain way, but when the crop and hand position and everything else are identical, come on really?  Am I wrong or is art and originality dead?  I hope not.  I guess it is time to get back to work and create something for someone else to copy, maybe that will be my claim to fame when I’m dead.  “Oh, The Average Jim, he inspired a whole new world of copycats.”  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not the most original, artistic person out there.  I do get my inspiration from other artists at times, but I really do not try to copy the shots exactly.  Where is the fun in that?

I’ll do my best to put a positive spin on this, ………………. better idea, I’ll just move on and focus on what I want to do.  I may be more positive these days, but that doesn’t mean I won’t put my foot in your ass if you steal from me.

Here is something positive, a shot of Olivia from a shoot a while back.  😉

Olivia by The Average Jim