Creativity For The Soul

I really love what I do.  No just being a photographer, but expressing myself creatively.  When words fail me, which honestly does not happen too often, I have music and I have imagery, both of these can convey what I wish to express.  Creativity is not just for you or for your clients, it is for your soul.  Kurt Vonnegut said that.  It’s not about the money, it is not about anything other than the outlet it gives me.

I have had emails sent to me asking me how I get to work with such great models and such beautiful women?  Honestly, I worked my ass off and got good at what I do.  But that has nothing to do with creativity involved.  There is a drive in me to do what I do that simply cannot be explained.  It is passion, it is love, it is frustration.   All of this makes me who I am and is the motivating factor behind all of my work.

It doesn’t matter who is in front of my lens, to me it is all about the image.

Anneliese by The Average Jim