Rolling Studio

I am one who loves projects.  I love coming up with a concept and just running with it.  A couple of years ago I purchased a 1984 Mercedes sedan and began shooting in it regularly.  I have hundreds of images of different women in this car and it has been one of my favorite props over the past two years.  I have often thought of selling the car as I don’t drive it too much anymore, unless I’m shooting with it, but it is definitely more valuable to me as a prop than it is as a working car.

So I thought to myself, how could I sell this wonderful car?  And right now I just can’t seem to part with it.  But when the day comes I will definitely be selling it as an art piece with several photos or a book of what has been shoot inside and on this wonderful vehicle.  Then again, I might just keep it forever!  I’ll make it part of my studio, park it right out front and when I shoot my sessions it will just be one more set I get to use.  I like that idea much better than selling the car.

Here is one of my personal favorites of Nathalia in the back of the Benz.

Nathalia by The Average Jim