A little mystery never hurt anyone. ;)

I love mystery.  Even when I am photographing nudes I like to create images that do not show everything.  You have to leave a little something to the imagination sometimes.  Let the viewer come to their own conclusion of what is going on, or what could be going on.  Granted, there are times when nudity actually makes the image, but you have to know when and how to shoot it to convey the message.  The same goes for lingerie and semi-nude photography.

What is the message?  Is there a message?  Are you just wanting to create sexy images with no intellectual content or are you trying to only be intellectually sexy?  It is all about the intent and then the delivery.  A good friend and a photography professor always tells his students M.A.C.  Mystery, Ambiguity and Contradiction.  If you can have an image that has all three and it is executed properly, then you  have succeeded.  Then the goal is to try to repeat it over and over.

Here is to working on mystery and telling a story, but it’s up to you to decide what that story may be. 😉

Sydney by The Average Jim