Here We Go Again! ;)

This has been a great break for me, but like I had said, I am back as of the first of the year!  There are some changes.  I am not 100% sure yet if I will be blogging every single day again, I have some new creative projects in the works which may actually keep me from posting every day.  I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.  The other changes I am making is that I am going to focus my efforts in photography on my creative side.  I have a real interest in portraits, everything from fashion style to nude to fine art to abstract.  I have lost interest in the fashion world as a whole, and editorials are just not as fun as they used to be.  My favorite sessions lately have been those with the people who want to be photographed by me.

I don’t mind portfolio work every now and then, but it has to be something I want to shoot.  No more just shooting to shoot and hope to get something good.  I want more.  As most of  you see on this site I photograph a lot of women, this will not change.  I have been obsessed with photos of women and photographing women since I can remember.  Not as the casual sex object, even though some women really want to pose for those images and I know I will still shoot those types of images.  I also want to add some intellectual value to the image.  Honestly, I don’t really care if anyone else gets the message, as long as I know I’m putting it out there I will be happy.

My motives are to work with real people, whether they are models, actors or just someone who wants to step in front of my lens and create some great imagery.  I have left the LA market for now and am residing and working here in my favorite little spot on this planet, Ventura, California full-time.  It is time to focus on doing what I love to do.  Here is to a Happy New Year and I am really looking forward to the new adventures 2013 will bring to me! 😉