The New Year

Yesterday was the first day in over a year that I did not blog on this site.  It felt strange, but good.  I have received emails regarding this site and me not blogging, I am fine, I am just sick of the negativity and I personally need some time and space to refocus my efforts and go back to being more positive.

I will no longer be shooting and submitting fashion editorials.  I will be focusing my photography efforts in more of a portrait and fine art style.  So what this means is that I will come back to this blog on New Year’s Day.  I will be making some major changes, one of them is I will not be commenting about the photography industry and the people who I personally feel are bringing it down.  I just don’t care about them at all anymore.  I care about me, my family, my work and my clients.  Everyone else can have the industry, I don’t want it.

I have some close friends in the industry, those are still my friends but I will not get involved with any of the drama anymore.  I just want to focus on art, shooting my own visions and just enjoy each and every day.  Basically I’m trimming the fat.

Thank you for the positive comments, the positive emails and the support.  It is nice to see that there are some great people out there!  Enjoy the holiday’s, spend time with your family and I’ll see you all on New Year’s Day!  😉

Roarie by The Average Jim