Moving On

The industry has finally gotten to me.  I’m done getting involved with false workshops, done dealing with people who end up copying your work, stealing your ideas and calling them their own.  I can’t stop it from happening, it’s been going on for years and it will continue to go on with or without me.  But what I can do is remove myself from it all.

I don’t care how many friends you have on Facebook, what club you hang out it or anything like that at all.  None of these things matter to me.  What matters to me is simply doing what I love to do with my life.  I love photography, and so I am just going to focus on that.  I have realized that I am not burned out on photography, I am burned out on the negativity with certain parts of this industry.

I’m done with the negativity, done with calling people out.  I don’t care about the false idols in the industry because to be perfectly honest, they don’t deserve my time and effort.

I’ve been blogging on this site every day for over a year now.  Honestly, I am kind of shocked how many people come here every day.  I will be leaving this site up for a little while, but I’m moving on from it.  I won’t be posting everyday, and I’m not sure if I will post here again.  I might, but I definitely need a break from it.  Never say never.  I want to focus on the positive things in my life, family, friends, my photography and just enjoying my life.

I do have another site where I will be talking about the positive things I do, for those of you who know me, feel free to contact me there. To everyone else, thanks for watching, but the show is over.


The Average Jim 😉