Leave Them Wanting More

There is something about fashion and the mood of fashion and glamour that I just love.  I have always loved images in magazines or in advertisements that portray this mood of cool.  It makes you want to be like that person in the photo, or even just be near a person like that.  To be accepted into the club.  This is why I love fashion.

Honestly, I don’t really care about the clothes, in my world the clothes are secondary to what fashion really is.  I’m not trying to shoot any fashion work anymore so I don’t really care if a potential client reads this or not.  But the whole idea of fashion is about how you live.  It is very much like art and living the artist lifestyle.  This is why both of these two very different worlds often mix well together.  Fashion is art and art is fashion and it is all elitist and filled with people who think they are far better than everyone else.  Just calling it how I see it.

But there is one thing about fashion that nobody will tell you.  It’s fake. It is a mood that is created and anyone who lives this excessive lifestyle pays the price in the end.  Some will recover from it while others will crash and burn.  Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, live fast and leave a young-looking corpse.  Too bad so many people just getting started in this industry will take that road of destruction.  They will not realize that fashion is about perception.  You just appear to live a certain way, you don’t have to live so fast.  Leave some mystery to yourself, intrigue is a huge part of fashion.  Always leave them wanting more.

Just think about this.  If you leave them always wanting more how can they get tired of you?  It’s just a thought.  It is just one of those things to think about and figure out how to make sure people are still talking about you even after you leave the party.  This is fashion.  This is desire.  This is what keeps people coming back for more.

Victoria by The Average Jim