So Far So Good ;)

Being an artist is actually a lot harder than what most people think.  It is a daily struggle with society, pushing boundaries, family, friends and just the rest of the world.  It doesn’t really matter what the art form is.  You could be a musician, a painter, a photographer, a street performer, a dancer or whatever, there is one common thing that we all share as artists.  The work we do, it just speaks to us.  It is as if the art form has a language that it uses to speak to us.  Maybe this is too philosophical for some, but to me and probably to many, this makes perfect sense.

So many people look at my work and think I am so lucky because I get to be around “pretty girls” all of the time.  But to be perfectly honest with you, that is not the case at all.  You could ask the women who work with me how I get excited over creating the images.  I get the same way whether it is a wedding, a commercial shoot or working with someone who is barely wearing anything.  I love creating images.  I get a charge out of being able to release the vision that is in my head out into the world.  This is what it is all about.

Having this artist mentality means you also see the world a little differently than other people.  There seems to be a little more grey area and you can look at both sides of a story but then you can also be a bit more sensitive to things that others just don’t seem to mind at all.  But then you also get a thicker skin when it comes to being judged, you get this a lot when you are an artist.  People look at your work and if they don’t like it or don’t get it they will let you know, and honestly, the majority will not always get it.  There is very little recognition for your work available in this world.  It is a lonely path sometimes, but it can be so rewarding at the same time.  It is a contradiction within itself.

The way I live is not for everyone, it is not even for me sometimes!  It is an endless battle with earning a living versus doing what I love to do.  My wall of inspiration is growing out of control, yet I keep adding to it.  Certain things just don’t matter to me.  I have empty water bottles, a few empty beer bottles too, just sitting around my work station.  Photos tacked up on the wall, it’s a mess, but it is my mess.  It is there because I want it to be there.  I’ll clean it up when I’m ready, until then the world keeps turning and it really doesn’t change the course of anyone else’s life.

Some people will look down at my life while others will wish they could live how I do.  The grass is always greener for some I guess while others are not happy unless they can pass judgement and make others feel small.  For me, I’m happy just being me.  Just like I have said for many years, this is the philosophy I live by; What other people think of me is none of my business.  I just do my best to be me and do what good I can for the world.  So far, so good. 😉

Emily by The Average Jim