All in good fun ;)

It has been a long day!  Between editing, dealing with issues with the technical side of doing business and just trying to keep up with everything else going on I can now see why people don’t like Monday’s!  If I had to deal with this every Monday I don’t think I could handle it.  And honestly, today really wasn’t that bad!

I just wrapped up going through some client images so I thought I would dig through the files again and found one from way back in 2009 this time.  This was when I had brief access to a room with some great old wood paneling on the wall!  I did some fun shoots in this room, including some killer Polaroid shots.  This was just a fun day of shooting, no real agenda with these images, just get creative and see what happens.  This is why I do shoots for fun, sometimes you don’t need any other reason to shoot other than to just shoot!

Here’s to having fun and to getting away from the headache that most of the work world calls Monday! 😉

Alex by The Average Jim