The Moody Jim ;)

I definitely think that mood swings come with being an artist of any kind.  One day you’re up, the next you’re down.  I really think it has to do with other people.  Other people, well some people, have this ability to cling to your soul and just milk it for all it is worth.  They will do little things to get under your skin, they claim it isn’t done on purpose but they do it all the time to everyone around them, sorry but I think it has to be on purpose.  And if it is on purpose you suck as a person because you are extremely selfish and only care about what you gain from every situation and to hell with everyone else.

There are some real nut-jobs out there.  I am so happy to be screening all potential clients now, yes I do this.  Don’t ask me how, because I’m not telling!  But a lot of it has to do with following my instincts and not just looking at the bottom line of how much the job pays.  I have one client where the pay actually really sucks but I love working with them so I do it.  Well, did it, not sure if I’m going to take on any commercial work at all anymore.  My head still says do it but my heart just isn’t into it.  This is why I am really attracted to portraiture again.  You have to get to know someone to take their portrait.  Sure you still have to manipulate the situation sometimes, but it is on a more personal level.  I like the personal level.

I was emailing back and forth with a future client last night, it was great!  Bouncing ideas off of each other and finding out how she sees herself as well as how I see her.  This is how I like to do business.  I don’t care about how many hours I spend with someone, I don’t care how many shots I give them whether it is one or one thousand.  The whole point is that the experience is amazing on both sides of this coin.  I like that interaction, it really is why I love being a photographer.  Sure I love the imagery, but the connection, this is also what you leave with other people.  You don’t just give them a pretty picture, you give them an experience and a memory.  To me, this is what photographing people is really all about.

Natalia by The Average Jim