Bringing Sexy Back ;)

Okay, cheesy title for a blog post right?  But there is a little bit of truth to it.  As everyone who knows me knows, I like to have a little bit of sex appeal to the photos I shoot.  This is definitely the direction I want to be headed down at this moment in time.

I am still steering away from typical commercial work and even though I love fashion and glamour photography I really feel that now more than ever I need to focus on just what I want to shoot.  If a potential client wants to hire me to shoot how I see to shoot then I will still consider these offers, but honestly, no more working with creative directors.  This may piss off some potential clients, but if there were ever a fluff job in this industry it is that of a creative director.  Okay, let me rephrase that.  There are some incredible creative directors out there, but they do one shoot for a magazine or advertising campaign.

If you have never seen the movie “The September Issue” go see it!  This is an example of what a real creative director is.  Grace Coddington is amazing!  But she does not run every shoot that is in the magazine!  And this is Vogue we are talking about!  Vogue will hire a photographer who will execute the vision that the magazine wants.  You just point a good photographer in the right direction and let us do the rest from there on out.  You don’t need some talentless hack posing as an “art director” on set just to make sure everything goes right.

This is why I say it is a fluff job.  It really holds no merit and honestly, all this person does is slow things down and get in the way.  They usually don’t understand photography or anything technical on the set, so they are just there filling up space and giving bad ideas that usually just don’t work.

So yes, I am bringing sexy back, and the first step is that I am my own creative director on set.  If you don’t like it then find someone else to do your faux-tography.  Plus, my rate is much higher now for commercial work, I’m thinking of actually lowering my rates for portraits.

Instead of being retired from the industry I am just semi-retired.  I am only taking the jobs I want to take.  It may sound selfish to some, but honestly, I know my experience and I know what I’m worth.  Plus, I really want to do more work that is just artistic and fun.  There is something great about hanging out in a hotel room with a model and just getting creative and going with the flow.  Honestly, you don’t have to just work with models.  Do boudoir in a hotel room and you’ll know what I mean.  It is about having that creative space, an intimate setting that is safe and takes away the inhibition of your subject.

Photography is not about having someone tell you where to point the camera and when to shoot.  It is about you expression your thoughts and emotions in an image.  This is my vision, this is my creativity, this is why I do what it is I do.  Hire me to show the world how I see you or your product.  Don’t ever hire me just to push a button, and if you think that is all I can do for you, then just do it yourself and see what happens.