It’s Just What Happens ;)

Several years ago I started a personal project called “The Seduction Sessions”.  This was actually before this big “boudoir” craze that has happened over the last few years.  About 20 years ago I started photographing some of my female friends in lingerie, and sometimes less, for themselves and for gifts to give to their boyfriends and so on.  When I started my project I did it with the intention of combining these sessions that were meant for a boyfriend and mix it with the fashion styles I loved to shoot too.

This always goes back to developing a style with your work.  For me, I like the whole idea of this, still to this day it is something I love to shoot.  There is a certain sense of voyeurism when I shoot this style.  And Helmut Newton did say that any photographer who said he wasn’t a voyeur is either stupid or a liar!  I’m neither.  I love the tension and excitement which can be produced when voyeurism comes into play.

I really need to start shooting more sessions like this again.  More lingerie, more nudes, just more.  I think this is the direction I am heading again, or continuing on as I never really left this project.  I have just slowed down on this type of shooting to focus on more mainstream work, and honestly, I’m just not mainstream.  I like working with people who want to go on this adventure with me.  Like I’ve said before, just me, one camera, one lens and my subject.  Everything else is just what happens.