The Average Mood ;)

I am loving the minimalistic approach to photography.  One camera, one lens, minimal wardrobe and almost never using a prop…. Okay, except for when my cat gets involved every now and then.  I just like simplicity.  Probably because it just isn’t complicated.

It seems like so many photographers are in search of that perfectly over sharpened high-definition image.  Personally, I just don’t like it that way.  I love film grain, that soft hazy feel of the early 1970’s, it’s a mood I get lost in.  To me a good photograph isn’t just about the technical process, it’s about how it makes you feel.  I’ve posted blurry photos before simply because it is the mood I want to share.

My images may not always be perfect, but they are perfect to me, even if only for a moment.  But that is what defines my style, and after all, that is what I sell, my style. 😉