Karma Vs. Career

I’m really liking this whole “shoot what I want” thing.  We will see how long it lasts.  Honesty, the whole reason I am doing this is simply because I was ready to completely walk away from the photography industry.  I read a great article today written by a part-time model.  I will just give you the gist of it as I will butcher it if I try to quote it word for word.

This model worked a normal job during the day and was a nude model, “sex worker” and had even worked doing peep shows so basically stripping.  She had talked about how there were times that she would get in her car after work and cry or just feel worthless because of how people treated her.  They would be demeaning to her, talk down to her, and just treat her like scum of the earth.  She was treated like this at her day job, not for working in the “adult” industry.  Regular people can be, and are in many cases, just rude individuals.

The article went on about exact things that had happened, but I don’t need to go into all of that, I have my own stories of rude people.  I joke about being rude, but the fact is I’m very polite to those who are working around me.  I grew up knowing that good manners was about treating others with respect.  Just because you pay a lot for some item does not mean you are allowed to treat the salesperson like dirt.

Karma is a funny thing.  The whole reason these people may be treating others poorly is because they themselves want respect.  What most don’t realize is that you probably don’t have respect for yourself if you treat others this way.  And the only way to get real respect from people is by giving respect, and this does start with respecting yourself.  Oh, and putting yourself above others is not respect, it is arrogant.

So sure, I go on rants, but I always thank my servers at restaurants, try to be nice and treat others how I wish to be treated.  It is those who are arrogant and look down upon people who I go off on and rant on about.

My whole point is that I work in an industry where the more people spend the more they feel they can treat you like crap.  I’m done with that.  So yes, I almost left photography due to certain people and this whole wannabe fashion industry.  Well, I did leave that industry.  So far I’m still shooting art and working with a few cool people.  But overall, I’m over it, off the deep end and searching for inspiration.  Hopefully some of it comes tomorrow, I’m shooting with someone who I have worked with before, and she is cool, so it will be a good day.  For now, I’m just taking it day by day.  I don’t know where I’ll be a week from now, but so far I still have hope. 😉