Random Portraits

I’m really starting to fall in love with portraits again.  Not just your typical portraits, but alternative wardrobe, sometimes even no wardrobe.  I have been stocking up on black and white film lately too.  There is something about a portrait shot on black and white film.  Maybe it’s the old school photographer in me, but I just love the look and tonality of film.  It is really how I base my editing when I shoot digitally.  I love grain, I love contrast, I am definitely not one who likes those over-sharpened obviously digital images.

So here begins my new adventure in photography.  Since I’m not really venturing into the whole paid market anymore, well unless someone contacts me for it and it’s something that I just can’t resist doing, I’m going to start working on portraits again.  Of course I’ll probably go off track again and just start shooting whatever pops into my head, but for now, in this instance, this is what I want to do.  Oh randomness, how I have missed you so much! 😉