A Cure For Stupidity?

I’m back from my road trip, and even though today is a holiday, I am not taking a holiday from this blog or from my ranting.  I learned several things about photography and about business on this trip.  I did say that I needed to take time and refocus my efforts and really figure out what direction I wanted to take with my work, my life and pretty much everything.  Well, since photography is a huge part of my life this is what I learned on my trip.  There are several different versions of photographers.  Some have a good sense of business, some don’t, some are very talented artists, some just think they are.  But what it really comes down to is this.  Some people, whether they are photographers or not, just will never be good business people.  I don’t care if they opened a popsicle stand in Hell, it would fail.

There is a comedian by the name of Ron White who has a great catchphrase, “you can’t fix stupid.”  This is one of the most accurate statements ever.  I’m sorry, but in my industry, there are some really stupid people.  They believe anything that other “leaders” of our industry say, not even realizing that these people are only leading people who don’t know any better!  I realized this after reading some forum posts in a few different photography forums, okay, I’ve thought it for a long time, but now, I really believe it to be true!

I’m trying to play nice with some people, they are friends of friends and I really should not call them out for their lack of smarts, but oh do I want to!  These are the people who bitch and moan about other people and yet they don’t even have a clue how to run their own business.  They bitch about the assistants and second shooters they hire yet treat them like shit from the beginning and complain about the photos that don’t turn out rather than the ones that do!  I’m going to save some of this rant for another day as I can do an entire post about how to treat your second shooters.  But here is the first rule you have to follow, get ready, because I don’t think that too many photographers actually know this.  Rule #1, you are still the lead photographer and it is still your responsibility to get the shot.  If you are looking for a 2nd lead photographer, make sure you state that when hiring this 2nd person.  And if you want them to be a 2nd lead, then you damn well better up the pay!

Like I said, I will go on about this later, right now I’m going to enjoy my Thanksgiving, watch some football with my brother-in-law and crack open a cold beer!  Happy Thanksgiving and here is the first of many edits to come from my shoot in Miami with Victoria.  I can’t wait to get the film back from the lab!