The Last Week

I’m on the last home stretch of this road trip which is probably going to consist of about 9000 miles, 20 states and a whole lot of film!

As much as I love my digital cameras I am really wanting to continue my film shooting. I’m not going to argue that film is better than digital, I just feel that I am better. I’ve said this a lot before, but I really like the process better.

This road trip has really made me think, which was one of the main reasons for taking it to begin with. Every now and then you really have to sit back and just take the time to find out what it is you really want. I think I’m starting to figure that out a little more.

I’m never completely satisfied, but I think that is true with most creative people. It’s about always wanting to expand your horizons. Move forward and to continue to push yourself to do better.

I have less than a week left on the road, and suddenly I can’t wait to get back and start getting creative again!

And to continue on with my streak of cell phone shots, here is one that I shot off of the computer monitor from a while back with Petra. 🙂