The Unknown

This road trip is getting crazy! I had a giant tire come flying at my car last night when a big rig ran over it and sent it sailing over to my lane. The bumper was barely left hanging on the car, this is why I use rental cars and get the insurance! I have a new car today to continue our adventures across the country!

I’m actually hoping to get at least one more shoot in on this trip, it just depends on timing and who I can find to work with.

I’m definitely in the zone again, but not like before, I’m still off the deep end and totally frustrated with the industry, so I’m just changing how I so things. The only thing I can control is me. So if I don’t like it I need to change what I am doing. The buck stops here.

So I am traveling along and just trying to figure out where I’m headed. I kind of like not knowing where I’m going, it definitely makes me think a little more than before. This could be dangerous…. 😉

Here is one more cell phone shot from my shoot with Victoria.