The Film Obsession Continues….

I have been digging through my older work lately, and mostly my older film work.  I was packing all the camera gear for my cross country trip and I noticed how much film and how many different camera bodies I was bringing along.  The best part is that most of the film is expired and really fades the color on some films, gives a dreamy haze to others.  Some will really bring out the grain or if shot properly will make it have a little more contrast.  It’s all part of the experimentation process, and I love it!

I’ll be shooting a lot from the road, so anything that is instant film I might just post here on this blog, so expect some random images starting next week!  I am so ready to make the change over to film full time.  I know I have certain gigs that will require the use of my digital cameras, but I’m working on changing that!  So far I’m still not taking on any new gigs, but we will see how far off the deep end I go after this road trip.  Change is good, now lets see what I change into next!