Film Photography

As soon as I wrap up the rest of my client work this year all of the rest of my work will most likely be all film photography.  I will of course still have some digital photos popping up here every now and then, but for the most part I am making the switch back to film.  I just like it, I like expired film, new film, Polaroids and the list goes on.

I’ve been going through my work and I just really like the tonality of the film I shoot and how I think while I am shooting it.  I don’t over shoot, I concentrate much more when I know each shot counts.  It’s also less editing.  Sure, people in the past still did retouching on the negatives, but I am finding that I almost never do.  So it is a simpler process for me which will allow me to just focus on creating the images I wish to create.  I have no idea where it will take me, but I will find out pretty soon!

Part of this switch also comes from an article that I read today.  I made my decision earlier, but this article really reinforced my decision.  It was about how photographers today are more like consumers rather than business owners.  They want to go out and buy the latest and greatest thing rather than actually making money and supporting themselves as working photographers.  Having all of the new gear and gadgets is not what it is all about, it does not make you a great photographer.  It makes you a photography enthusiast!

There was also a conversation I had with another photographer who said that he buys the latest and greatest gear because with what his clients are paying him they deserve only the best.  Well, my clients too deserve the best.  But instead of giving them images from an overpriced camera that has functions that are not needed in any way for what I am doing, I give them my best.  My clients did not hire me because of what camera I use, they hired me because of the work I show and what I can do.

So here is one more reason I am going back to film.  Like I said, I focus on the images better when shooting film.  The technique of how I make the image is irrelevant, the effort I put into it is what makes it my work.  That is what makes me a photographer.