Off The Deep End

I had another interesting chat with a photographer friend last night.  He asked me if I was just taking a break or if I had really gone off the deep end?  Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m off the deep end.  And what I mean by that is I really have no desire to get back into commercial or fashion shooting for money.  If I’m going to pick up a camera it is going to be on my terms.  So then I was asked about why then would I want to put on a workshop?  It is simple, I know a lot about this industry and the way I envision it, it’s not like the work I have been dealing with.  So it is on my terms and I can do it or not do it at my convenience.

It is all about taking back control of my own life.  Five years ago, almost six actually, I said I was going to be an artist.  No more taking jobs just to take them and make money.  Well, I’m not good at generating an income without working, and that means even trying to sell art, it’s too much like work so I tend not to do it.  So I starting taking photo jobs again and tried to pick and choose my clients a little better.  But that does not always work out.  Every once in a while a crazy one gets in there.  That is what I am sick of.  Dealing with people who are not based in reality, the real reality, not some alternative/fictional place of existence, is just not fun.  I like to say look, it’s reality, it’s happening right now, right here in front of us!  If you can’t handle that, you can’t handle me.  So I’m just back in the driver’s seat.  It feels pretty good.

So am I off the deep end?  Yep, but it’s cool, I know how to swim. 😉