Know more than what you read in a magazine… please!

Okay, so here is one more reason why I am moving away from photography as a career. I was helping my wife present at a meeting of about 80 photographers and all was going well, until one guy had to open his big mouth about stuff he claims to know.

He was saying that the exposure is wrong because the histogram wasn’t right. But we were talking about style, not shooting technically correct for boring images. This guy knew nothing about art, creativity or anything beyond what he reads in a technical article. And the worst part was that he was all talk and no show!

If you’re going to heckle someone, be able to back it up or just keep your mouth shut. Spewing facts from a magazine doesn’t make you and expert. You’re a blowhard who just thinks he knows it all.

Now the cool part was when people from the audience began telling him to be quiet, yeah, there are some people out there who get it!

This makes me want to really tune in a workshop on creativity. I want to show a non technical side of photography that can really express whatever it is your vision is!

I’ll get working on it, it gives me a reason to get artistic myself! 😉