Goodbye Fashion

I’ve decided to make some major changes regarding my photography work.  I will only be shooting what and when I want from here on out.  Well, except for the few clients I do have already booked, of course I will fulfill all outstanding obligations.  But I am all but done with the industry side of things.  It’s just not who I want to be anymore.

Now what I will do is this.  And this is definitely not the end of my passion for photography!  I am solely focusing on what I consider to be my creative endeavors.  Shooting more film, video work, Polaroids, fine art and whatever comes to mind.  No more rules, no more trying to get published, no more “work”.  Now there is something that I have been considering, with all of my ranting about lame workshops I am still putting together The Average Jim workshop series.  All of these will take place at my studio and will deal with everything from SEO, shooting with models, getting into editorial photography and many other real world photography questions.  It will also be fun and nowhere near the price of other workshops.  Expect to see these around December as I will be traveling most of November.

I just got to the point where I am burning myself out on a creative level.  I don’t like working with creative directors who just are not creative.  So why do it?  So from now on I will just do what I want.  I may even have to go back to work somewhere else, not a real job of course, and I do 2nd shoot for other photographers and have enough work to keep me busy in that respect.  But I’m not thinking about that.  All I’m thinking about is playing my guitars, go back to playing gigs every now and then and just being creative.  I’m an idea person and this whole work thing has just been getting in the way of that.

I’ve had a long run of being an actual working photographer, now I want to have an even longer run of being a playing photographer.  Everything else, it just doesn’t matter.  I just want to enjoy life and be happy.  Goodbye fashion, hello happiness! 😉