Are you a follower?

Okay, so I’ve gone on rants before about how people are in this whole industry. And when I say industry I don’t just mean fashion, I am including weddings and portraits.  I despise WPPI, it is such a freak show!  I met recently with another photographer who was talking about this idiot who walks around in his all leather outfit and wins all of these awards and puts on workshops to show how to do what he does.  This other photographer, who I like and respect, talked about how this other person was good at what he did.  Honestly, I just disagree.

Photoshopping out all skin tone is never good work!  That blurry glamour effect is outdated and lame.  If you are a photographer reading this and you try to blur images, just stop now.  Step away from the computer and actually look at what real people look like.  Unless your vision is bad, people are not blurry!  As someone who photographs women a lot, do not blur their faces!  It’s okay for women to have some wrinkles, some signs of aging, some curves, this is all good.  Women are beautiful and do not need to be made fuzzy and blurry to hide their “blemishes”.  This is such an idiotic way of thinking.

There is something to be said for having the courage to just show your images or for the subject to just pose knowing that is will be unedited and displayed.  I give props to Brad Pitt for refusing to let a major fashion magazine Photoshop his face.  He is who he is and he’s cool with that.

This makes me want to switch back to film so badly.  I love my digital camera but so many people ask me to “fix” things about themselves, and I hate it!  You’re not ugly, you’re not fat, you’re not unattractive.  People come in all shapes and sizes, I just happen to photograph a lot of models, it’s my job!  I also photograph “normal” people.  People who are beautiful for who they are.  I’m thinking of hanging up my shallow card and just working on my art projects with people who get it.  I feel like this whole industry is killing me, wedding photographers who want to become celebrities, fashion photographers who spend more time putting on workshops than shooting for magazines.  It’s all bullshit.  Don’t buy into the hype people, if they’re selling something you probably know it’s BS, but so many people buy into it anyway.

Whatever happened to just wanting to create images that meant something to you?  Stop caring what others think.  Just do what you do, do what you can to get better at it and keep pushing forward without the need to want to buy some stupid photo shop actions that are being sold at a giant convention.  Have the courage to be original and display the work you find good.  But remember, if you think blurry skin and over sharpened eyes is good, you just have bad taste.  This is when you need to start taking art appreciation classes, because the last time I checked, cheesy Photoshop has never been good to anyone!  Don’t follow the herd, please, don’t follow the herd.