Staying Positive ;)

Ever have days when you feel more like you’re in the groove?  Yeah, that is how I have been feeling lately, but then again, I’ve been slowing down the shooting, only working with cool people and really just taking on jobs that I want to shoot.  It is amazing how this can really change your outlook.

Since I posted the photo of Mac yesterday it made me go through some other images of models I have worked with who have just been cool.  There are seriously some cool people in my portfolio but Sydney definitely came to mind.  I started working with her over a year ago and we have done a few shoots together.  It’s always fun, relaxed and we always come away with great images!  I love shoots like this and working with people who I know are going to be up for almost anything!

I am definitely in a more positive mood lately, but rest assured, I’m sure someone will piss me off soon and I’ll have more to rant about.  For now, happy Monday. 😉