Make It Happen

There is something to be said about putting it out there.  I said how I was sick of certain types of people and all of a sudden a lot of people just stopped contacting me, wow, that was easy!  I also said I wanted to work with just cool people who like what I do and who want to hire me for what I do.  All of a sudden more paid work came in and they want what I do.  I’m going to try and keep thinking this way, so far it’s working pretty good!

I still want to focus more on some artistic projects I have in mind, but I love shooting lifestyle photos.  Today I am shooting a wedding and I have known the groom and his cousin who is a groomsman for a while, in fact, they both used to work for me!  They are a fun bunch and I just cannot wait to see the trouble they cause, this is definitely going to be a fun day!

Just remember, if you don’t ask for it you may never get it.  Things don’t usually just fall in your lap, sure sometimes they do, but for the most part you have to go out and get it and make it happen.  These are the things that I must remind myself of all of the time!

Here is one from an editorial shoot I did at the beginning of this year with Jessica.  So many great photos from this shoot, I really should work with her again!