Let Someone Else Do The Talking….

So I’m starting to wish that I had not fixed my computer.  I’ve been editing every day all day so far this week and it looks like it is going to continue onto tomorrow and Friday.  But I can’t complain too much, at least I have the work!

I have wanted to take a break from the industry for a while now.  I’m not so sure if it’s going to happen or not.  I’ve got a few more offers to consider and so here comes yet another fork in the road.  I love photography but hate the drama of some of the people in the industry.  Here is my new rule of thumb, for tonight anyway, it may change in the morning, who knows.  But my new rule is this, if you show up on fewer pages of a google search than me, you’re not famous so don’t try to act like you are.  I think this is a fair way to judge these things.

I had someone show up to my studio a while back who was so full of themselves that I just could not take it anymore.  I won’t name names, but she definitely thinks she is more famous than what she really is.  I’ve photographed B-movie actresses who you could find on IMDB who have acted with 100 times more modesty and were still very full of themselves.  If you think that I should be honored to have the privilege to photograph you then we are probably not a good fit.  I get hired to do what I do, which is to make people look good and to capture a mood and a style.

If I look back to some of the people I have photographed who were super cool to me, had a great time shooting with them and just came away with great images that is when I look at some of these others and just think to myself… “yeah, they’re going nowhere.”  Honestly, if you have to tell everyone who you are and what you’ve done, you’re doing something wrong.  If you are good at what you do others will be more than happy to talk about you for you.  Just think about that one for a minute or two.

I’m out, long day of editing and more on the way.  Not to mention I still have to update my other site….. Time to hit up the fridge and see what type of cold adult beverage is waiting for me…. 😉