Clear Horizon

I’m back on my kick about style.  Style is what defines us in this industry.  I have a few new ideas for sessions in my mind, not sure when or if I’m going to shoot them, still kind of taking a break from it all.  But it is still about style, this is The Average Jim style.  I love soft light, I love expired film, I like imperfection in my images, after all, that is what makes them perfect to me!

I think what I need to do is just keep it simple and stick with what I know and love.  It sounds easy, but in this industry it is really easy to get off track and start doing stuff that you just know you should not be doing!  Today is a happy day, I’m sure I’ll be pissed off again soon, but for now, the sky is clear, no sign of a rant on the horizon.  But come back tomorrow, things could change. 😉