Technology … WTF

So I finally got my main computer back up and running today after it completely crashed! What a week!

Honestly, I’m tired, I’m finally able to think a little more clearly and I just want to call it a day! I’ve been blogging from my phone way too much, once again today is an example of this, I still need to install all of my programs such as photoshop to my computer so hopefully today is the last cell phone photo for a while! I will finally be able to upload to the Internet properly again and get my business back on track!

It’s amazing how much things actually slow down when a computer crashes. I really need a good backup system, well, that is going to happen in the next week or two, until then, my iPhone is my backup system! Here is a photo that is hanging on my studio wall, it’s from over 4 years ago, my how time flies…..