Better with Age

I love all things expired.  There is a certain rush I get when I shoot expired film, expired Polaroids, and I won’t even get started on my vintage cameras!  So after yesterday’s rant this is what I have currently decided upon.  I am going to just keep getting creative with my ideas, push myself to push my own limits and I am only working with people who I think are cool and who will execute the concepts in my head the way I want them.

This should go without saying but it doesn’t.  I’ll put up casting calls and get responses from people about things completely not related to what I wanted to shoot, like I’m going to change the entire concept just because they want to work with me.  Not going to happen.

I may not be shooting as much as usual but at least it will be quality over quantity! I like my expired qualities, it just goes to show that some things get better with age. 😉