Another Day….

Today has been very interesting. I had what I thought would be one of my last shoots before taking my much wanted break from this industry but now I have been asked to shoot more.

Yes, I love photography, but I love working with people who actually appreciate what I do and don’t just think that anybody can go out and buy a camera and deliver the same results. So I guess what I am saying is that I am taking a break from the bullshit.

Today was a good day, compliments from other photographers and from my clients, of course some of these came to me because I said I was done shooting for a while, but they definitely helped with my mood.

I’m just rambling now, still wanting a break, still wanting to build a killer music room at my studio. Maybe that’s what I need, a room where I can plug in my guitar and turn it up to 11. Maybe that will help drown out the tones of BS that are currently floating in my brain.

At least I have had two really good shoots in these past two days and another good one last week. Maybe my break will be a little shorter than I anticipated, but I will just let time tell. Only a week left of shooting what I already have booked, after that, who knows what lies ahead of me. I’m just taking this one day at a time. 😉