Don’t Blame Me

Inspiration comes in many different forms.  Sometimes I will see a piece of wardrobe hanging in a store and I will know exactly how I want to shoot it. Other times I will wake up at 4:00 in the morning with 10 different ideas that are all exactly what I want to do next.  Then there are also the things that can un-inspire you.  Most of these things have to do with other people.

I hate bullies.  People who force what they want upon everyone who gets in their way.  Personally, as much as I am against violence, sometimes a bully needs to get their ass kicked.  Verbally or however is fitting for the situation.

I really don’t care what others think of me.  I do what I do, but some people have this stupid desire to wish and force their will upon you.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to their own, that means me too!  I try to play nice, I try to play fair, but seriously, don’t sit there talking on your cell phone while driving and make a rude comment about me jay-walking.

We all do stupid things, we all break the rules on occasion.  This does not stop the world from turning!  Plus, if we all followed the rules all of the time this would be a very boring place to live!

Break the rules, say the “F” word in public I don’t care.  It is not my job to make you feel better about yourself, just like it is not societies job to raise your kids.  People are in public, everyone has rights, not just you and not just your opinion.  And don’t judge me for taking photos of women, people have been obsessed with beauty long before I was ever even thought of!  Get off your damn high-horse and stop trying to live everyone else’s life, worry about your own.